Nov 032015

I had the immense pleasure of taking my son and the grands cabin camping last month.

We stole away for three days, two nights – an extended weekend. The October weather cooperated and we were blessed with a lovely crisp fall weekend!

I’ve not been tent camping in years and wasn’t sure what to expect with the grands in terms of sleeping, so we opted for a little cabinette – think one room, small kitchen table, a few chairs, countertop along one wall with a two burner propane stovetop, a small microwave, dorm size fridge, sink and a few pots plates and mugs. A dividing curtain and a two sets of bunks.

Ta-da!  IMG_20151024_152831

This was our little home away from home. It served our purposes extremely well and we can’t wait to go back!

We cooked dinners over an open fire, eating outside in the dark, by the light of a small lantern.


We enjoyed the woods….and rivers…and rocks…and lake. It was a lot to take in.

The fall colors weren’t as varied as they might have been on another weekend, but they were bright and all the leaves on the ground provided great crunch underfoot.

What little boy doesn’t like that?


And maybe the big boy liked it just a little too. 🙂




We did carry the phone around and take photos to capture and hold the weekend forever. But we were largely unconnected for the weekend. Disconnecting is a great practice for me. Since I’ve already taken a huge step back from social media it didn’t seem strange to be so disconnected.

The woods are a wonderful place to be present. To listen to nature, the wind rustling the trees, the bubbly singsong of the river, the birds calling to each other. . . . it quiets me.

And invigorates me at the same time. 


(he was much happier than he looks)


We collected little bits of forest floor…and were surprised by how big some things were




These two sweet boys are growing so fast, they hiked up and down hills and climbed, jumped, and rolled off rocks . .

We walked the road, trails, and even forged our own path through the woods.


and just kept going. . .

Sort of like time….it just marches on.

They are growing up, I’m growing older….and needless to say, I came home EXHAUSTED.

But also refreshed and somehow eager to do it again!

When is the last time you got away for a weekend?