Jun 122014
I ran across this cool little item a while back and put it on my Amazon wishlist.
When I needed to order a few things the other day, I popped this little cutey into my cart. 🙂
I love a tool that does double duty and this little Xyron sticker maker has such potential, it was a great score at just 8 bucks !
This cool little tool takes your item – a drawing, cut out, picture, and turns it into a sticker.
You feed your item in one end….


Pull it out the other end


 Lift to tear it off on the serrated edge
 Then rub to ‘set’ the glue


 Cut and peel off the top plastic




And you are left with a STICKER!



Peel off the sticker whenever you’re ready to use it



And they stick pretty good!




you can’t go wider than the opening, but you can go smaller



Hello little cutie-pie!



 And you can go lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnger.


Now, these examples aren’t exciting.

Not at all.

But think of what you can do –  food labels, stickers for your kids, stickers OF your kids – stickers for DAD on Father’s day – drawings the kids make, turned sticker would be a great gift for him!  or for Grandma, or yourself. Or your kids can make stickers to decorate their notebooks or laptops.

I can use it in my studio – for labels on packaging, to thank you stickers, or as a piercing guide.

I am sure I will come up with other uses too…..what about you – what can you think of???