Jun 302015


Well, now I do!   🙂

Art Journaling - Beginner

I have just purchased my first art journal !

Somehow I’ve picked up the bug of Art Journaling. I ran across a video of someone creating a ‘mixed media’ journal page or piece of artwork about a year ago. It really piqued my interest and I was amazed by her talent. And she made it look soooooooooo easy! And it wasn’t mixed media like I thought of it – it was different than what I thought of – and I like it (a lot!)

However, I didn’t pursue it at that time, in fact, I forgot all about it.

More recently though I bumped into some other videos and blogs about ‘art journaling’ – mixed media – and again – so intrigued!

So what exactly is goes in an Art Journal?

Well, it seems it can be many different things. It can be a journal of artwork – a premade empty book that one fills. Or it can be a binding of pages that you make. It can be an actual ‘journal’ of sorts meaning you fill it with art that follows what is going on in your life, events, feelings, etc. You can write in it. Or not. Or it can just be randon artwork.

Art Journaling, Mixed Media

Mixed media can range from paint and markers to markers and crayons and paint to paper, glue, paint, fabric…..you can draw, paint, stamp, glue, cut, spray, drip, etc etc. I think what I am learning is that there are no rules.

That can be altogether freeing and terrifying!  (blank page phobia meet too many options freakout)

the only real ‘rules’ that I am trying to understand aren’t really rules – it’s more like properties. What mixes with what, what can you layer without smearing/sealing, what turns to mud while others don’t mix, what can act as a resist, etc . And then, how to use all of that, not to avoid necessarily, but also to create…to blend or fade or resist completely.

I’ve only competed a couple of pages and they weren’t themed going in, they just kind of evolved. And I’m OBVIOUSLY still learning, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome so far.  My plan is to begin doing some pages based on quotes and maybe also start a book that incorporates actual journaling ala Aaron at ImperfectImpulses.

Art Journaling Mixed Media paint gellatos marker


Each of these ‘layouts’ is two pages but I ran the work sort of across the page and in the photo you can hardly tell that it’s two pages. 🙂

The book itself is fairly small – maybe 5×7 when closed.  . . . ?  I’ll show the outside in a later post.

So tell me – are you into art journaling? Mixed media artwork?  Let me know, I’d love to see what you’re doing!