Jul 092015

It’s been a whirlwind of events – since I got it in my head to get back into horses, something I had been contemplating on and off for, well, since I got OUT of the horse world. LOL 10346541_1465121190466105_474775961245762729_n (1)


I was bitten by the horse bug early on, like a lot of girls. I started hanging out at a local riding stable when I was pre-teen I guess. (and oddly enough have come full circle with my mare landing with that same stable! though in a different location). I took some lessons, did some trail riding, and generally became one of a group of barn rats that helped out around the place for free just to be near the horses. I eventually got my own horse(s) by way of my aunt and enjoyed riding up into my early 20s. During that time I also began working on the racetrack and traveled up and down the east coast working on various tracks Michigan to FL. Eventually I landed back in MD and went into the health care field as my FT job. Became a single parent and that’s when the horse thing fell apart. My responsibilities changed drastically and with that I had to let my horses go.

Now here we are some ____ odd years later. 🙂  And I made the decision, if not now – when? Probably if not now, never. NOW is the time. I’m not getting any younger or more in shape…so now is the time. What really sealed the deal for me was paying off my car. Sure it would be nice to put that 497.00 a month into the bank.  But half of it could go to board and horse stuff. . . . . . so that is what I did.

Once I made up my mind it all happened rather quickly. With the help of an old friend I found Casey in late May. Atomic Caesium became part of our family on May 26th. 🙂  Her barn name is Casey. 🙂 Although Sam has never been around horses, he has taken a liking to her. He has a lot to learn but so far, so good.

We left her down on my friends farm for a month, thinking we could ride together over the summer, but it quickly became clear that  Casey was VERY green, despite her age, and would need a lot of work to get her where she needs to be just to be a safe mount.  Traveling once a week to see her wasn’t going to get me there so we made the decision to bring her home early.




20150607_142948 She is now within 10 minutes of my house and once I finish outfitting her tack, we’ll be diving in with a daily program of training.

Right now we’re working on ground manners – she’s rather pushy and not in tune to where her person is. We’ll be under saddle by the weekend for short training sessions. 🙂

Hopefully all will go well and I’ll remain in the saddle, getting tossed off at this point in my life would not be nice. I don’t’ think I bounce like I used to.

She has buddied up with a mare in the new barn and hopefully won’t be too sour when I bring her out for work. Time will tell . . .

Onward and upward in this new adventure!

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