Aug 112015

After a very long absence due to injury and illness I found myself making jewelry this past weekend!

I finally found time (made time?) (took time?) (used some time?) – ok, slight detour here- because this is part of the whole point of this website – to examine how I (we?) view time. So maybe the most accurate description is that I took time to be in the studio (although where did I take it?) *scratching head* I certainly can’t MAKE time, time already exists. . . . I didn’t really find it – it’s right here, I’m immersed in it continuously – I guess right now ‘used’ time seems most accurate. I used some of the time that I have/had to be in the studio making jewelry.


Things went surprisingly well. I seriously had not touched my tools for at least 3 months and was a little fearful that I might just wreck everything wasting materials. Only happened a little bit. I really had no idea what I was going to make, I just knew that I needed to get started again. After initially milling some wire WAY too thin to be useful, I turned my attention to a large size low dome wire figuring a simple bangle would get me soldering and then I’d add something, details, texture, stones, something.

After soldering I decided on texture using horizontal lines to section off areas before adding a geometric textured pattern. Patina and voila’ – success!

Making Jewelry - Handcrafted sterling silver bangle - by artisit Janice Fowler of Doxallo Studio

And it looked pretty good — but I really wanted to add some sparkle and wanted to set some stones so I went back the following day and added a faceted stone to each non patterned section – 5 total.

A little added visual interest and a tiny sparkle.

I think I like it. 🙂

art jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, artisan jewelry, amethyst jewelry, sterling silver bangle

I am hoping to be back in the studio making jewelry on a regular basis. I’m not sure what that will look like, how often, or what days, but I have some ideas based on some older work of mine and I’m excited to get at it!

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