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I love living in a region where there are distinct seasons. ( Even if some of them are fleeting! ) I get so excited as¬†each season approaches as if something ‘new’ is coming. Change is in the air, new and exciting things are on the way ! YAY! ūüôā But the more I think about it – really the WHY does it stir something in me? I think the change of seasons resonates deep down inside of me in part for the exact opposite reason – it’s not that something new is coming – it’s something familiar. On it’s way back. ¬†There is a scent to each season… energy that changes……a different pace……there are ‘traditions’ every year, for different seasons, year after year.¬† The seasons, like waves on the beach rolling in and rolling out……..they don’t stop, they come they go.

There is something comforting about that familiar cycle of things. I have an old children’s book, it’s a hardback book that is frayed all around the edges and the binding is coming loose…the pages are a bit tattered, yellowed….it’s been well loved. The book quietly celebrates not only the seasons, but traditions and time and it is BEAUTIFULLY illustrated.


Over and Over by Charlotte Zolotow

I can’t resist showing a couple of¬†images from the book.



Everything about this book is sweet and sort of gentle – the images, the pace of the story, the tone…my family has loved this book so much I recently picked up a paperback version since our hardback is a little decrepit and I plan to buy another copy to give to my daughter for her boys.

We’re approaching autumn here which is by far my favorite season. ¬†The cool air, colorful fall foliage, crisp fresh picked apples, hiking, football, fall festivals, and, for 11 years now¬† – Jewelry Retreat!

Retreat has become one of those things¬†I REALLY look forward to each fall. ¬†Seeing old friends, meeting new ones…immersing myself in ‘smithing sun up til sundown.¬† No schedule, no expectations. It’s a time of growth but also a recharging for me. And that’s important. I know it’s a luxury that some can’t accommodate, to take a week away. But I highly encourage you to schedule some time for yourself, somehow, somewhere in your year. Preferably a couple of days at once, but even if it’s just a day here and there, it will make such a difference in your life. PLEASE be sure you are taking care of yourself. It makes you better and therefore it makes everything else in life better.

And my time is just a month away!

Not everything has stayed the same over the years with retreat Рlast year we moved locations. Scary. But here is my view rolling up to the retreat location last year. I am in lust with this little place. PINCH ME! Seriously, I got damn near giddy when I rounded that bend. With my love of horses, the fact that this is a little farmette just pushed me over the edge.


Hopefully the weather will be as nice this year as it was last year. I spent more time outside at this retreat than any retreat since we began ! (please be sunny, please be warm, please be sunny, please be warm) So, ok, yes – there was no wi-fi (notice I said WAS, past tense!) so we had to go outside to attempt a signal….but I also walked the grounds and I walked the trails in the woods all around the house. ¬†The owners actually own like 50 acres most of it wooded. They bring their horses up here to vacation and ride the trails. ¬†The owner was nice enough to listen to feedback and this year we will have wi-fi!



Can’t wait to see these smiling faces (and more) in a month !!! <3


The photo below was taken at retreat MANY years ago — notice a trend here?

We seem to spend a lot of time around kitchen tables.




There’s another thing I love about fall.



But that’s a tale for another day. ūüôā

What’s your favorite season? ¬†Comment below!



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