Jul 292015

So my pretty little mare is looking a little frightening these days.  🙁    I’ve never had a horse with a skin rash before really. Truly all of my horses have been really uneventful in terms of health.

She first started with a tiny patch of weird dry scaly skin sort of near her elbow/girth area. The patch quickly spread into a larger area and then sort of stabilized. At the same time however a couple of little patches (related?) showed up on the same leg.  And in addition, she had some bumps along her side that I thought might be bug bites — but now I am wondering. Maybe they are hives?

Maybe the whole thing is an allergic response to something?

Warning – these photos look MUCH worse than it actually is – these were taken at dusk and came out kind of scary looking (to me anyway)  – the poor quality makes it look worse. you can tell that the photo doesn’t even represent her true color…..



I also noticed that there are a ton of small bumps now to the left of the area above.  Not sure if they are hive-y or if they are going to crust up like that mess to the right of them.  🙁

And then below you can see what was a few bumps which seemed like bug bites are now multiplied and could be hives..?



She doesn’t seem terribly bothered by any of them but they are bothering me to no end and I really need to figure out what they are. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m starting a betadine like shampoo on the elbow area for a couple of days and will see how it is looking in a couple of days but will then call the vet out if it’s not looking better.  Poor baby.

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