Jun 082014

In my quest to participate as best I can in school events, I often volunteer to make food. It’s something I am fairly good at and I’m in the kitchen anyway most evenings, so why not. 🙂

In my quest to ‘save time’ (OK, i can already see that I don’t like that terminology – it’s not like I’m bottling it up for later…..how about use time wisely? I don’t know – will have to think on that.) In any event,  I decided I didn’t want to spend an hour decorating a cake that took 10 minutes to make (out of a box). But I really wanted something with visual impact and something the kids would clamor to.

With that in mind, and with sharing with a large group in mind, I went for a sheet cake rather than a layered cake. A simple yellow cake mix and then swirled chocolate and vanilla frosting.

Simple so far, plain even, but then this happened:

mini marshmallows

chocolate chunks

crushed pretzels

colored sprinkles

and, as if that weren’t enough – I drizzled melted chocolate on the top!


Just LOOK at that! What kid wouldn’t want to dive into that??



Everything stuck to the icing nicely when the cake was cut. 🙂


Since the oven was already on, and this cake was going to an event, and I was already in the kitchen……

I made another! 🙂



I will often make two of something so that I can freeze one for later or just keep one home for my hungry bunch!

The great thing about this cake decorating method is that it is ENDLESSLY versatile! Pretty much anything you have in the pantry you can throw on there –

  • chopped cookies
  • nuts
  • candy (of just about any variety)
  • cereal
  • crackers
  • caramel
  • seeds
  • oats

ok, I was starting to stray…..use the comments below to share what crazy items you might put on a cake like this. 🙂





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