Jan 052015

It’s a new year, and that is always a great time for me to re-evaluate and reapply myself.

This blog is one of those things I’d like to take a look at, dust off, and apply myself anew.

I’ll start with a re-introduction –

Hi there!   P1310238

I’m just another blogger carving out a little space on the net.

BUT – I believe that I have a unique perspective – as do you.

And I hope my perspective will resonate with some folks, maybe challenge some others…that I’ll learn more about myself and life

and maybe I’ll meet new people (please say hello!!)

I blog from Maryland, which is where I grew up.

I’m a single Mom to two (one grown, one finishing up middle school) and a Nanna to two little boys.

All of these little blessings live with me.

We also have two dogs – if you can call them that.


Well, yes, you can call them that –

they ARE after all dogs.

But they are the tiniest silliest little things,

I sometimes wonder if they qualify.





I plan on blogging about my life in general with a focus on food, Crafts/DIY, and my Metalsmithing.

I suppose that’s a little broad, and I expect over time to hone in the vision for the blog.

But for now – it is what it is!!

So, let me start with a question – because I know some folks HATE that expression (it is what it is), what expression do you hate or are you just tired of hearing?

Comment below!

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