Sep 022014

We just started back to school here and unfortunately I came down with a humdinger of a bug and spent half of the first week barely able to get out of bed.

Thankfully, we’ve got mornings down to a great routine – and I am really lucky that my son is pretty easy. He gets up well in the morning and he’s very responsible. I don’t actually have to do too much.

However, he leaves for the bus at 7:09 AM which is fairly early. I wake him at about 6:05AM (that is when I get up too) and then we’re out the door by ten after 7. So we have to have a good morning routine. Here is how it normally goes down:

I get up and make his breakfast while he gets dressed. Then while he’s eating I go get dressed.

I then head out to make his lunch and he trades places with me in the bathroom and brushes his teeth and finishes getting cleaned up (yes, we share a bathroom – it’s a small house!)

One thing I do that helps get us out the door in the mornings, is I organize the items for his lunch at the beginning of the week. I buy large bags of pretzels or chips (YES, I give my child chips!) and divide them into smaller bags. I also bag cookies individually and remove outer packaging from other items. There is a drawer in my kitchen devoted to his lunch.

(sorry for the poor quality photos!)


and the other drawer holds the remaining bags.


This really helps me to move quickly in the morning, I just make a sandwich and add his drink (water) and he’s ready!

I give my own breakfast and lunch some starters as well – more on that later!

What tips do you have for smooth mornings?

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