Jul 172014

My diet isn’t perfect, FAR from it – but I am more aware of what I put into my body than I used to be. It’s important  – I mean, really  – it’s fuel, nutrition, etc – it’s what MAKES our bodies in a sense.

It is either helping or hurting – it’s not neutral.

For me, I made drastic changes 5 or 6 years ago by turning to a raw diet. I ate 99.8% raw for about a year. It was great! So you may wonder why I didn’t continue with it – suffice to say some major life changes – living situation, family circumstances, legal issues…a big ball of life upheaval. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fabulous experience or totally sustainable. I still eat a high raw diet (and a lot of other stuff that I shouldn’t eat at all) and I really encourage people to evaluate their choices.

You don’t have to go raw like I did, or toss all processed chemical laden food at once. Small changes are a great way to go.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Sub out an unhealthy (or nutrient void) snack with a healthy smoothie
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    While I love my green smoothies – you can start with something a little less intimidating and make a fruit smoothie.
    Here is a quick ‘recipe’:
    Cut up fresh banana and strawberries, freeze these overnight
    place frozen fruit in blender
    add almond milk
    blend until smooth


    Putting it in a fancy glass just makes it more fun!!!

    You can even turn it into a ‘frozen’ treat by using less milk.



  3.  Add flax meal (ground flax seeds) to anything (or everything!)
  4. I add ground flax to salads, pancakes, cereal, smoothies, chicken breading/coating, muffins, brownies, cookies…..you name it. Either sub out some flour when you measure or just sprinkle it on!


    Finally – a really easy one!

  5. Increase your water intake – this is great for your body overall but it also helps fill you up so if you’re a snacker you are less likely to snack (research suggests that oftentimes we mistake thirst for hunger and eat when we should drink)

I know that technically this is often ‘easier said than done’ — I keep several bottles full of water in my fridge at all times so I can grab and go. Keeping water with me helps me keep hydrated. And not only will you notice a more consistent sense of ‘fullness’ but you will probably also notice a difference in your skin, hair, and nails!

What are some small changes YOU’VE made towards a healthier diet?

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