Jul 292015

So my pretty little mare is looking a little frightening these days.  🙁    I’ve never had a horse with a skin rash before really. Truly all of my horses have been really uneventful in terms of health.

She first started with a tiny patch of weird dry scaly skin sort of near her elbow/girth area. The patch quickly spread into a larger area and then sort of stabilized. At the same time however a couple of little patches (related?) showed up on the same leg.  And in addition, she had some bumps along her side that I thought might be bug bites — but now I am wondering. Maybe they are hives?

Maybe the whole thing is an allergic response to something?

Warning – these photos look MUCH worse than it actually is – these were taken at dusk and came out kind of scary looking (to me anyway)  – the poor quality makes it look worse. you can tell that the photo doesn’t even represent her true color…..



I also noticed that there are a ton of small bumps now to the left of the area above.  Not sure if they are hive-y or if they are going to crust up like that mess to the right of them.  🙁

And then below you can see what was a few bumps which seemed like bug bites are now multiplied and could be hives..?



She doesn’t seem terribly bothered by any of them but they are bothering me to no end and I really need to figure out what they are. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m starting a betadine like shampoo on the elbow area for a couple of days and will see how it is looking in a couple of days but will then call the vet out if it’s not looking better.  Poor baby.

Jul 272015

Despite the fact that Casey has sharkfin withers and we are having trouble finding a permanent saddle due to saddle fit issues, we’ve been under saddle now several times. I had picked up a used very plain English saddle and it seems to fit her fairly well so for now we’re using that. We’ve been twice in the ring and then once out on the trail.

She has a habit of dancing around a bit when I’m trying to saddle her and she’s not completely placid with a resting head when being bridled but overall she’s getting better.  In all instances, once saddled, she’s really been very well behaved.  I’ve tried two variations of aussie saddles and neither saddle was a good fit. Fitting her is going to be a challenge due to her withers and since she needs to put on some weight and build some muscle I think we’re just going to stick with what we have because her shape will change (I hope) over the next 6 months or so) .


Riding in the ring



We didn’t have cell phones when I used to ride so the ability to take photos this easily is new to me. Of course, I probably should have both hands busy with my horse, but. . . .I’m a risk taker, what can I say? Just don’t expect to many that are clear. I think most will be blurry.

She moves along in the ring nicely with her ears forward – always a good sign. 🙂

Out on the trail her ears were back and forth, back and forth….partly because there are a lot of sounds and movement out in the woods. Some of it may be nerves.  She did exceptionally well though. We even went through the river though I avoided anything much over her knees. Some of the horses went into deeper water but I was happy to keep her along the shallower areas while we continue to get to know each other and build trust.  She was curious about the water, drinking a little, but didn’t really do much pawing (many horses really go at the water with a hoof, splashing everything nearby). She went confidently into the river and walked upstream.


While on the trail we stayed in the back so she could ‘follow’ and have constant eyes on some other horses. I opted not to put her in the middle as she’s still a little fussy when she feels crowded.



The small group, 4 of us, worked really well. And overall the ride was a huge success.

My only complaints had to do with the length of the ride (over an hour for our first time out was too long!!) and the condition of the trails. With all of the rain and the overuse of the trails, there were some very difficult areas with deeply rutted and ‘hoof-holed’ sections. I was seriously concerned she’d break a leg and I tried to skirt some of these places but with trees right up against the trail it was impossible in some places. Had I know, we would not have continued on but turned around part way through.


When we first started out she did a little hopping and bucking – I think she had a major biting horsefly on her (cue dropping of the phone ) so that was my first dismount. Luckily I could let my stirrup way down to get back on and then just adjust it back up.

The other bit of excitement had to do with a huge rainstorm (and I mean a torrential downpour) that opened up on us about 10 minutes from the barn. I haven’t been that wet in a LONG time. Needless to say the phone was safely tucked away by then and I could deal with the water streaming down my face and into my eyes while working with a horse that was a little sketchy to begin with.


She was also spooked by a deer that jumped off into the deeper brush right next to the trail. I wasn’t upset by that at all – many horses will spook at that (heck, I would probably jump if a deer surprised me like that!).

Near the end of our ride she did refuse one crossing ( after trying everything other than backing her through it I finally had to dismount and lead her across).

So there were a few interesting happenings on our first time out on the trail, but I can confidently say that after this ride, I have NO doubts in my mind that we are going to be perfectly fine together.


I would say I’m pretty much attached. 🙂


Jul 172015

“Just Enough Hours “. . . . . what does that mean? What was I thinking?

JEH-005 I moved over to this blog coming off of a LONG period, maybe a lifetime, of thinking I could do it all. No, scratch that. I didn’t really think (as in believe) I could do it all, I just DID a lot.

Because I ‘had’ to. And no, I don’t really qualify the ‘had’. I really sort of did have to. No, scratch that. I didn’t have to.

Where, let’s start again – Yes, there were a lot of things I needed to do. (HAD to do) (as a single mom, an employee, etc)

But there were a lot of things I was choosing to do.

In any event, I would hear people say ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’ and I was guilty of saying that too, but then I got to thinking about how much I already do, and what if there were MORE than 24 hours in a day….can you imagine? Could I imagine? NO! I’d be dead from all the ‘doing’.

so I came to believe that really we have JUST enough hours in each day. God set the light and dark for just the right amount of time. 🙂

How we choose to spend that time is up to us.

More recently I got to thinking about how people used to ask all the time – how do you do it all? Or they would say “wow, I don’t know how you do it all”. And either way it was phrased, I’d honestly try to tell them that I really wasn’t do it all WELL . Yes, I was doing a lot of things, had a lot of irons in the fire — but so much of it was only getting a tiny bit of me. And I finally hit a breaking point. Not really in terms of stress or anxiety or like I had a nervous break down. I just sort of started to think about my time and again thought about the ‘just enough hours’ and this time from the standpoint of – there are JUST so many hours in the day — a finite number – how am I spending them?

And it’s not just about time management. It’s larger than that. It’s about life management.

How am I valuing my time but more than that how am I valuing my life and the people in it. . . . .

I came across this quote a while back (erroneously attributed to Meryl Streep) and although I don’t agree with every word and I realize that it’s not a blanket to cover every situation (for instance, I do believe in loving others even if they don’t love me and I am big on smiling at EVERY one….) but overall, this struck a chord in me.

So WOW, that’s a mouthful.  And while I do many of these things I am much more conscious these days of what I ‘bring in’ in addition to what I’m putting out.

I had been struggling for a couple of years with leaving some things behind. Letting go of things and people who I had chosen to make a part of my life that really weren’t aligning with my core values or what I wanted to surround myself with.  And because of that dichotomy, it wasn’t healthy for me. The truth is, I should have let go a lot sooner. It would have been easier, more seamless, less painful. . . . . .

It has become less about managing time, using the hours and more about aligning it all with my values – who I am and what’s truly important to me.

Life is short and unpredictable and tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

Not only are there ‘just enough hours’ in a day but there are only so many hours in a life.

Is how you are choosing to use your hours in alignment with what you think and believe and what from life?  Time management is really life management. Shouldn’t it all align?

Share your thoughts below!

Jul 092015

It’s been a whirlwind of events – since I got it in my head to get back into horses, something I had been contemplating on and off for, well, since I got OUT of the horse world. LOL 10346541_1465121190466105_474775961245762729_n (1)


I was bitten by the horse bug early on, like a lot of girls. I started hanging out at a local riding stable when I was pre-teen I guess. (and oddly enough have come full circle with my mare landing with that same stable! though in a different location). I took some lessons, did some trail riding, and generally became one of a group of barn rats that helped out around the place for free just to be near the horses. I eventually got my own horse(s) by way of my aunt and enjoyed riding up into my early 20s. During that time I also began working on the racetrack and traveled up and down the east coast working on various tracks Michigan to FL. Eventually I landed back in MD and went into the health care field as my FT job. Became a single parent and that’s when the horse thing fell apart. My responsibilities changed drastically and with that I had to let my horses go.

Now here we are some ____ odd years later. 🙂  And I made the decision, if not now – when? Probably if not now, never. NOW is the time. I’m not getting any younger or more in shape…so now is the time. What really sealed the deal for me was paying off my car. Sure it would be nice to put that 497.00 a month into the bank.  But half of it could go to board and horse stuff. . . . . . so that is what I did.

Once I made up my mind it all happened rather quickly. With the help of an old friend I found Casey in late May. Atomic Caesium became part of our family on May 26th. 🙂  Her barn name is Casey. 🙂 Although Sam has never been around horses, he has taken a liking to her. He has a lot to learn but so far, so good.

We left her down on my friends farm for a month, thinking we could ride together over the summer, but it quickly became clear that  Casey was VERY green, despite her age, and would need a lot of work to get her where she needs to be just to be a safe mount.  Traveling once a week to see her wasn’t going to get me there so we made the decision to bring her home early.




20150607_142948 She is now within 10 minutes of my house and once I finish outfitting her tack, we’ll be diving in with a daily program of training.

Right now we’re working on ground manners – she’s rather pushy and not in tune to where her person is. We’ll be under saddle by the weekend for short training sessions. 🙂

Hopefully all will go well and I’ll remain in the saddle, getting tossed off at this point in my life would not be nice. I don’t’ think I bounce like I used to.

She has buddied up with a mare in the new barn and hopefully won’t be too sour when I bring her out for work. Time will tell . . .

Onward and upward in this new adventure!

Jul 012015

After signing up and posting on the tsu platform for a short time, I quickly abandoned it as I just didn’t have time for more social media. In fact, I actually have pretty much abandoned FB as well. Time will tell about that.

Anyway, I keep getting questions about deleting a Tsu account. Can it be done? Can you really delete your Tsu account? And if so, HOW does one delete their Tsu account?

Well, they have made it easier. From their “terms” page:

User Account Termination or Modification

We reserve the right to terminate the Service or your access to the Service, or close your account, for any reason or no reason, without notice, at any time, and without liability to you. You can close your account at any time for any or no reason by logging into tsu.co, clicking here and completing the form to request that your account be deleted. We reserve the right to permanently erase your account from our systems immediately or at any time after we receive the request or to preserve a record of the account for some time for legitimate business purposes and as required by law. In some cases, the deletion process may take some time. Account deletion may not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content or information you posted on the Service. For example, it will not necessarily remove content or information that has been stored, shared or re-posted by a third party. We reserve the right to retain information where required or permitted by law to do so. When your account is closed or deleted, all licenses and other rights granted to you in these Terms of Use will immediately cease.

At any time, regardless of whether your account is being closed, we reserve the right to retire your username/shortcode or assign it to a new user, in each case at any time and without prior notice to you. We may choose to exercise this right if your use of a particular username or shortcode is unlawful or violative of a third party’s trademark, or in other situations where we believe it would be appropriate to do so. You do not have any property interest in or right to use any specific username or shortcode.

I’m not crazy about the term ‘soft delete’ which is what the link takes you to – your account – soft delete. You will find a page that asks you to enter your password. After that, well, I’m not sure. I didn’t delete yet.

If I do, I will update here. 🙂

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