Dec 162014

Yes, the questions continue! the hub-bub and confusion and wondering about this network continues and perhaps increases because more people are becoming aware of it. As I noted before, I don’t think it’s a get rich quick plan nor am I counting on making ANY money at all from it -I just figured I’d test it out….see where it goes. If you want to check it out – you can join through my account (you have to join through someone to get in)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, if you got in and want to get OUT, yes, you CAN delete your account. They don’t make it easy though. The information in the terms says click ‘here’ and ‘here’ is not a hyperlink. Big boo-boo there.

How do you delete your account? You must go to the FAQs page. Look under ‘manage my wallet’ and there is a link that says “how do I delete my account?” — which I missed several times because I wasn’t trying to manage my wallet!!  Right? It’s a bit sneaky if you ask me. But, once you click on that link you get a pop up to insert your password and confirm the delete.


According to Terms and Conditions, once you delete your account, all of your content is removed from the site EXCEPT that which has been ‘reshared’. Apparently if someone else has shared it, it’s now THEIR content – and remember, you own your content.

Or do you? (see how that happened there?)


*UPDATE* Update to deleting account

If you have deleted your account, please comment below with your experience!

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Dec 122014
Just what the heck is ? How does work? Why should I use it?

By now you have probably heard of the new social media (SM) site . Maybe you got an ‘invite’ to tsu and thought – what they heck is that?  How can they monetize SM? Is if for real???

Great questions.

I saw an article on a blog mentioning it and thought I’d check it out, so I signed up. Here is a screenshot of what my view looks like:

Here is what I can tell you

it’s sort of like Facebook. but with a slant.

Users can earn money simply by posting the stuff they normally post to social media. Sounds fishy but there may be something to it.

The general idea is that by using Tsu and posting content, you are adding value. Tsu has algorithms they use to track shares and probably sidebar ad clicks, etc. You can earn money when your content is shared or when users take certain actions.

Similar to Facebook (FB) there are settings you can  use to determine what is public and what is private.

You can set up notifications, post photos, vide
o, text content, etc.

Unlike FB, to join Tsu you must be ‘invited’ or follow someone’s link. (mine is ) if you want to join and check it out.

Tsu says that they are about quality content not spam….and that they will monitor that and take action when needed. Which they will have to do or the site would become spam central – share my post to earn $$ !  – Right? Presently it’s not like that.  And Tsu has some parameters around how many posts and invites and other things you can do/use in a 24 hour period. The limits are fairly high, it’s not likely I’d cross them, and they would help kill any big time spammers from running rampant in a short period of time.

You can search hashtags on Tsu to find content relevant to your interests and choose to ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ people. Tsu makes a special point to drive home the idea that the content is YOURS.  You own your content . There are some infographics floating around Tsu that you will see which tell you that you don’t just sign up and magically make money. And that you probably aren’t going to get rich off your network. I figure any little bit of extra cash is worth checking out so if I cross post from FB and I try to develop some authentic relationships it could be a great SM outlet for me as it may help broaden my network, my ‘reach’ and help my other business endeavors ( and  as a nice perk.

Can you link up to other social media? YES!  You can add your website, FB page, IG, etc.

Only time will tell whether tsu has the ability to be an authentic force in the world of social media.  I’m willing to follow along and see. If I don’t like it, I can always leave, there is no commitment requirement.  I figured I didn’t have anything to lose and just might gain so why not?

How about you?

You can use my link if you’re interested in signing up –