Jul 102014

I finally got a smartphone back in November of 2102.  I was reluctant at first. WHY DO I NEED THIS!? Truth is, I didn’t NEED it. My simple old ‘dumb phone’ did what I ‘needed’ – it made phone calls.

But I finally succumbed to peer pressure and upgraded. And I must admit – it was sorta kinda love at first sight. Although I do think there loads of DOWNSIDES to it – more on that another day – THIS post is all happy joy joy lovey dovey stuff. 🙂

Well, except for this one little next part. Back in mid-of June, it died.   I dropped it while it was charging, the charger bent a little, and 8 hours later that puppy was smokin’. LITERALLY

It was a sad day with wailing and gnashing of teeth. Whatever that means. It really just means it was bad. Like baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad-bad. So sad.

Then, after juggling of some available upgrades on family lines, cue new phone. Same brand, different model, all should be fine.

Except that it wasn’t.

Not only was I unable to transfer any content, but the phone was………..well, different. Little details were different, how you swipe, what you press, where the buttons are located. ARGH!

I took for granted those little details, the phone was all I knew until I had to change phones. Then the impact of those little details was made known to me!

It got me thinking about the bigger picture in other areas too.

Like in LIFE.

(like WHOA, lol)

There are so many little details in the world that we often miss because they are just a part of our everyday ‘what we know’. We don’t see them or we don’t appreciate the value they add.

A big disappointment with the new phone was the camera. And it really was a BIG disappointment because the camera on my phone has become such an integral part of my daily routine. When it didn’t work as well as I expected it to I was QUITE sad.

But I kept teasing out the details – – and these are some photos I took in the backyard the other day – these are unedited and uncropped. They are SOOC (Straight Out Of Cell/Camera)


cone flower, nature, photography, cell phone camera, android camera

cone flower

macro, cell phone camera, flower

flower, cell phone, android, camera

cone flower, macro, cellphone photo

cone flower, macro, cellphone photo



Not too bad!

The details in the cell phone settings made all the difference. AND it allowed me to really see all the details in that flower.

The last photo was very close up and lost some sharpness with the upload but still – I love it. The details in that little flower. To see it, really SEE it. It’s beautiful. An eye opener.

We don’t always notice the little details, they are just a part of the bigger picture. But that is just it:

they are part of the bigger picture – more than that even –

they are what MAKE the bigger picture.

Without those details the bigger picture wouldn’t be as smooth, as vibrant, as interesting……..as grand, as beautiful.

Don’t take it all for granted, don’t overlook the details……

It’s a beautiful world out there. 🙂